Why do we exist?

Why do we exist? Is it because we are needed in this universe? Is it because the beauty of this world lies in the living things? Maybe we are needed and maybe the living things are beauty. Will there be a god to tell us the truth at some point? Does he exist? Or is god a female? Maybe there IS more than one god. We don’t know. We humans actually do not know very much. We do not even know if the world we think is real really is so. Or maybe is all of this just a dream. Bad or good I can’t tell, because the only way you could tell if a life is good, is at the end. However, at the end, you never have the chance to fully get an answer about it, before the questioned has departed. But where do they go? To Paradise? To Hell? Or do we go to the underworld of Hades to live as shades? We do not know. Why is it, when so many believe in god, that none of them give us the power of wisdom? Is it because we would stop believing in them? Maybe the gods have been hiding away, because we have not seen real miracles (god-made miracles) for a long time. Back in the day, the believers did not have the wisdom we have today, rendering them less immune to miracle talks. We do not understand anything that can describe anything else than what we believe. So why have we been losing faith? We need faith. Maybe not faith in god or mythology, but faith is still an essential part of life. Faith in life is something we all should have, because life is the only thing we are absolutely sure about. If we ruin our lives here on Earth, how can we then be sure, that there will be an eternal place for us to live on and prosper? The fact is we cannot. Therefore we should all have faith. What you should have faith in is something you have to determine by yourself, because no one can help you judge, when they live in their reality. You must make a choice. Make sure to make a good one, because you will only have one chance to do it right. To conclude this, I need to state:

“Life is precious. Keep it safe, but share it with the world and show your goodness, for then the world will try smiling back. Keep trying, for failing is not an option, when you only have one chance.”

By Phillip Phoelich, the 5th of January 2011

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