Green land ahead

Green land ahead, a light wind and everything is just as idyllic as can be. White clouds in the sky passing by really slowly. The grass moves slightly in the wind, making a little delightful noise. On the field is a big tree. Brown trunk and dark green leaves, slowly spreading its branches, shadowing a nice spot underneath it. Situated on top of a hill the tree and its shadow are placed perfectly for viewing across the vast meadows. Far away are small sheep like white dots across the green grass. In between are some small lambs all jumping around their parents. This idyllic day cannot be better. Nowhere is better.

By Phillip Phoelich, 17th of January 2011


This story is written in a way, building up the landscape during the reading. This means that first you see maybe a meadow. Then you see the wind followed by the tree. Suddenly the tree is on a hill etc. The landscape is build up during the text.


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