A knight’s tale

I think the title is already taken for a movie, but I name the text “A knight’s tale” anyways. For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by the medieval setting with knights and castles and all that. When I was younger I played a lot of games on my computer with this setting, and I still do sometimes. But I have also moved to a more adventure-styled gameplay. I’ve recently found myself being quite interested in games that tell a story. They are like books, because you can have a deep storyline and really get to know the characters well, and they are also like movies, because we get the exact picture of what we see and what everything is. No need to describe things further, because we can see them. One of the things games have, that neither books nor films have are the direct interaction with the characters and environment. Because of this, games are an ideal media for storytelling. We also see a lot of games lately having a deeper storyline and more exciting characters than before. The technology has also helped getting the games far. With 3D games we got the third and first person view into the game, which really helped the games with making a smoother storyline, where the player really felt, like being inside the story. These games are also often the games, that we are hooked on. But sadly, these games are also the games, we don’t play as often after the first play through as other games, especially multiplayer games. What all this has to do with a knight’s tale I don’t know, but that was the thought, that started it all.

By Phillip Phoelich, the 16th of March



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