Existence is a thing only known to man

Existence is a thing only known to man
but it gives us such trouble
Existence itself is not something you can plan
But maybe it will have some meaning when in a couple

How to fill your existence with meaning
only the wisest will know
If not only out there where everything is freezing
the gods sit waiting to unleash their show

From child to adult
we will always learn
But nowhere to be found is someone to consult
so out we go cause the meaning of life, we must earn

Even during the darkest of nights
or during the day with the shining sun
You will not be able to take the flights
to where the heavenly battle was won

Nothing has this to do with religion
nor the cultures of mankind
All of us are just mere citizen
in a world which is in fact blind

To find the way across the boundless desert
we have to look at ourselves
Cause only inside ourselves can we get alert
can we find the meaning, where it delves

Go find your path oh mighty human
go find your path indeed
For on the plane to success is only one crewman
You are your own luck’s steed

By Phillip Phoelich, the 27th of March 2011



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  1. In my wildest dreams never thought the day should come that you would write these fantastic poems…

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