The white beach

There it was, the whitest of beaches, with an ocean full of the lightest blue water I had ever seen. And here I counted the pictures in. It wasn’t one of those wide beaches with hundreds of meters to the sea, but neither a really narrow one. There was perhaps twenty meters from the forest to the water. If this beach had been on a picture I would have guessed Bahamas or something like that, because this was just a view you would see in one of those holiday magazines. A lot of coconuts lay strayed in the sand. I was kind of hungry, but not hungry enough to start opening a coconut. I heard that should be quite hard to do. I still had that bump, and it ached badly, so I thought, why not go down to the water to cool it off a little. It may seem weird, that I didn’t think more about, how I got here, and how to return, but at the time, I think I was more curious about this place, than to get back home. I also didn’t really have anything to go back to, and I always wanted to go on adventure in foreign lands. This surely was foreign by its look. Back a few meters into the forest, everything had bright colours. Those seemed to fade away, the closer to the shore I came, and at the beach, all trees and plants looked normally green again. Perhaps I had hid the ground hard, and my senses were bussing off for a moment. I stood in the water for a moment. It was warm around my bare feet. It was now at first, that I noticed my shoes missing. I had the rest of my clothes still on. Where could my shoes be? And while I stood in the water thinking about, where my shoes might have gone, I heard a sound. I quickly turned around, and saw… nothing. Absolutely nothing. The sound was also gone in a whimper. Maybe my senses were still calibrating to my new surroundings. Though I assured myself that I was alone on the beach, I still had the feeling of someone watching over me.

By Phillip Phoelich, the 26th of October


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