The next corner

Go explore what cannot be found,
way out in the lands of mystery.
Together with the wind and the sounds,
you may find something you didn’t seek.

A jungle, a wilderness, the trees and trunks hinders,
what wonders might be hidden.
Look to yourself, and others… The sadness and happiness,
all the treasures, the glistering nights and moon.

Wanderer of the thought’s mighty plains,
the carrier of a heavy load.
Oh have you found one the pearl in which the sun shines,
and the moon resides, or are we still looking.

Diamonds, gold and silvery trinkets,
they are mere toys in our world for no greater good.
Although they can ease the life of many,
but get to so few.

More valuable things lies within.
Where? No one can know.
Cause the traveller is never still,
but runs through the night, only taking short breaks.

What are you seeking?
Are we all seeking?
The wonders lie beyond the horizon,
only to be conquered.

Heed the words of the wise:
Keep seeking.
The mightiest treasure,
might be around the next corner.

Af Phillip Phoelich, the 15th of January


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